Which men’s swimwear or underwear style suits you best?

Men’s choice of underwear and swimwear styles is a matter of personal preference and function.  and what you choose to wear really boils down to what you feel most comfortable and confident in.

Men's swimwear and underwear styles range from minimal cover strings, or competitive to sporty, supportive bikini briefs and box cut trunks to less supportive underwear and swimwear such as boxers and those baggy loose fitting board short surf-gear. Colours can range from traditional black or white basics to a blend of colourful prints & patterns or solid coloured panels with matching coloured stitching.

The selection of men’s styles include even more refined categories, referred to as board shorts, boxer shorts, boxer briefs also called box cuts, bikini briefs or slips, square cut briefs, thongs, g-strings and so on. All these are available from leading on-line retail shops across the world.

Swimwear Styles:

Swimwear & beachwear styles for men

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Men’s underwear styles:

Men’s underwear brief styles

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Men’s tanga and brief style underwear offer less coverage than a trunk while being less restrictive on the upper leg and hip region. Offers good frontal support similar to briefs but have cut away sides for free leg movement. This style is a timeless classic with minimalistic profiles  allowing more freedom of movement on the upper leg. Men's underwear briefs come in vibrant and bold colours, to suit the modern man.

Men’s underwear trunk styles A classic style especially in cooler climates and for wearing during cooler seasons. The men's trunk offers good frontal support, with some trunk styles offering form fitting pouches making them even more comfortable to wear. A great variety of designs are available from box cut styles to trunks with longer leg sections.Trunks should fit snug, but not uncomfortably tight.

Men’s jockstraps athletic supporter styles Some styles offer a additional cup pouch for a protective cup used in contact sport. It is important that the waistband of this style fits snug. So if worn due to wear and tear – discard and replace yours. If you find a jock strap uncomfortable but need athletic support, consider compression shorts as an alternative style, make sure they are made of moisture wicking material, this will reduce the possibility of chafing. Find a supporter that satisfies all of your comfort and injury-protection requirements.

Men’s string and thong underwear styles

Men’s thongs and g-string underwear offer men a light weight garment with good frontal pouch support where men need it, the buttocks and legs are free from excess material offering a cooler garment for warm climates or seasons. This is the least restrictive style of men's underwear. String and thongs for men, have pouches structured specifically for men which offer the support boxer shorts do not offer.

Men have been wearing this style of undergarment for centuries. Modern men's g-string or thong designs are offered in a variety of stretch cotton and poly blend materials for comfort, and are available in vibrant colours and patterns. This men’s underwear style has come a long way in replacing the traditional minimalist Japanese fondushi and African, South American and Middle eastern loin cloth that used to be worn as an undergarment by men in warm climates for centuries. It makes perfect and healthy sense to wear this style of mens underwear in hot climates and when you want minimal excess material around your upper legs and buttocks while being supported by a pouch.

Advice - if you have never purchased this style before, buy one size up from what you usually wear in other underwear styles, if you prefer a looser fit.  You will find styles offered in low, medium and high-rise waistbands. This refers to where the waistband in meant to lie across your hips when worn. For example if you wear low rise pants you should wear low rise underwear to match the waistline position of your pants.

Men's boxer shorts (not boxer briefs) offer the least support of all men's underwear styles while it offers maximum coverage on the side of the thighs. Boxer shorts are loose-fitting men's underwear with no pouch support for men. Some boxer shorts have an open fly while other shorts do not. Boxer short styles are varied, spanning from the underwear you may associate with your grandfather, to fashionable prints.  The style offers a loose relaxed fit and is traditionally slightly baggy allowing for maximum leg movement and can be worn with baggy pants and pajamas. They can be uncomfortable to wear under tighter fitting pants.

Selecting the right style of underwear is the foundation of anything you wear in any climate and season. Tailor your underwear choices to work with what you are wearing over it and for its function. Be willing to be versatile in what you wear, even in your choice of men’s underwear. You wont be comfortable buying one style for all seasons, or all function. Imagine wearing thermal underwear in a warm summer?! Diversify…

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