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2015 trends in men’s swimwear.

Less is still way more this season. Energetic prints and bold colours are popular on men’s swimwear this summer. Bold swimwear hues look great on darker skin tones. The black swimsuit remains a timeless classic.

Swim briefs and boxcut swimbriefs used to have a certain stigma attached to them in the past (mainly in the USA), however the new swimwear styles and cuts are appealing to a greater audience due to the style’s versatility.

So if you have a fairly decent body and you’re confident and don’t really care about fading stigmas, less material means fewer unsightly tan lines and more freedom one's upper legs, so go for it. Swim briefs and swim trunks offer a practical appeal in that the slightly tighter material produces less drag in the water.

Let’s face it; an out of shape torso honestly doesn’t look any more flattering in a pair of board shorts than it does in any other swimsuit style. All you’re really showing in swim briefs is a bit more of your upper legs.

Drawstrings or not? Unless you’re simply going use your swim briefs or swim shorts to tan in, buy a pair with is fitted with a drawstring if you’re planning to play in the ocean this summer.

Don't miss the 2015  tan through swimwear collection for men, swimwear which allows you to tan through the special tan through swimwear material, which also dries quickly. The swimwear is tan through but not see through when worn. The range also includes tan through shirts for men.

2015 Colours – black, vibrant solids, floral patterns, muted two-tone styles, soft pastels and white remain trendy.

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